Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So you had a bad day....

Thanks Jenn for the great clip, it is so funny. It was a bad day today so I was laughing and crying at the same time watching this. It was like when you are mad and someone makes you laugh and you don't want to. I loved the part where the guy throws the computer, but he still types afterwards like nothing happened.

Our trip was good today, Cory is on the same program, his nausea has been under control until today. The ride to Wells is always rough on him. It usually takes him a couple of hours afterwards to settle his stomach and calm down. The cancer is continuing to come out of his skin, things are hanging and pushing their way out. He does look like I am treating him from the war in Iraq, so it is a little grewsome. I think he will continue to heal a little more every week. Right now things are still rough.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

On a lighter note

So of course most of you know my crazy obsession with the Twilight series and my deep love for Edward. So I am honored to post this on my new blog (yeah!) I know you have probably seen it already from my friends blogs, but I am a little excited because I do have some more recent pictures that they didn't have when they posted theirs. Good things come to those who wait I guess.

I do love Ava in Grey's, but the she is not Esme to me.
I basically just am not a huge fan. I have to say I have gotten the biggest kick out of someone who commented on the dude in the narly wigged out hair (I think it is supposed to be Jasper), what are they trying to pull with that huge wig? I never pictured his hair so forest like.

This is nice of them walking, like they are all waking towards you to suck your blood, they are trying to make them look all seductive.

Either the character that they have to play Edward is just really not photogenic or he is just really not attractive. Bella could grow on me a little bit I guess.

Cancer Carl

So.... Cory refers to himself as 'Cancer Carl'. Since his tumor is coming out of his skin his sister has said that Carl the alien is going to be born. He is going to come out kicking and screaming and we are going to catch him and put him a cage. I have the cage ready (really I do). So here is how I picture Carl the alien.
This one looks a little too innocent don't ya think? And aliens don't really wear cloths, not Carl anyways. Maybe I will dress him in this outfit when he comes out.
This ones nice.

This is exactly how I picture him, but in a little ball. This is Carl at age 1 through 5.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pain Pills Anyone?

So as many of you know Cory has cancer and he is going through a holistic treatment for his healing. This is hard because getting prescription meds is not so easy. We have had generous amounts of pain pills been given to us and he has had some prescriptions we found left over miraculously from his tongue surgery a year ago, but he is low and we are both in a panic as the pain is so intense. If anyone has any left over pain pills that they are not using please donate??? I promise we are not in the business for selling them (ha ha). I hope the cops don't find this post as that probably would not be very good.

An update about Cory. He has not been doing that great the past 3 weeks. He has been throwing up numerous times a day, not even been able to hold his head up to drink, he has been on liquids, no solids. He has an infection in the tumor right now that we are fighting. He is putting something on topically that is pulling the cancer through the skin, so it looks like a big black scab right now. We are seeing our herbalist every Tuesday, this Tuesday she gave him stuff to kill the infection, continue fighting the cancer and help with the nassea. The naseau is being caused by his body dumping toxins into his body, so it is actually good that this has been happening. We have had a great deal of strength come through when on Wednesday he did not throw up one time and since then he has only thrown up twice. He is a little more alert, but still in alot of pain. and not movable. We feel grateful though that we have seen some improvement since he has been at rock bottom the past three weeks. He has ate some solid foods (eggs, soup, toast, bannana) and kept it down. It is a critical point in his process so I am grateful that he is seeing some improvement right now even if it is the slightest. I would post pictures of the tumor, but I think that would be a little too much for most people to swallow. My parents have had Hayes for a few weeks now, I am on visitation rights with him still until things seem to calm down.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I did it!

I finally did it, created a personal blog. It only took Kamille creating a fake impersonation of me at to do it, but hey whatever works. Kamille you did a great job, noone even knew you were an imposter. I have been telling her for like a month that my blog will be up tomorrow, I promise, so one day it just was without me doing anything. Pretty clever... Anyways, hopefully I can release some stress from my crazy life by blogging or create some, either one will happen, we will find out.

So I am loving this template for my blog, but it is so busy. What does everyone think about it? I am going to calm it down with my own verson eventually, but who knows when that will be so this will have to do it for now. Just bear with me for now while my creative juices flow and the time presents itself for me be able to do this. It may be awhile.

With this blog am hoping to be able to keep people up to date with how Cory is doing and hopefully have some fun, let loose or something. Since the life is just not that fun right now, hopefully I can find a good balance so people will not leave my blog feeling a little doom and gloom. I hope I can find a good balance. Any suggestions would be great, happy blogging!