Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So here is my night, I couldn't resist to blog even though I was like you can not blog until you get your house put back together (it is torn apart) and the other 1,000 things that are on your 'to do' list, but then I was like I don't care! It was too much fun to wait to share.

So here is me and Cheralynn arriving at B&N, the excitement beginning!

AT 12am B&N would not let me and Michelle in the store because we did not have wrist bands, so we got to sit and watch everyone come out of the store, SCREAMING and yes, CRYING, they would then carry on into the parking lot streets. One woman carrying a box of the books.

Here is a limited example of the amounts of people who were standing outside of the store, words can not describe the insanity.

Me and Cher tried to get a drink break to Sonic before midnight, the Sonic driver asked us 'Did you know that the new twilight book came out tonight?' we were like 'um ya?' he was like, 'well we got 100 people just barely and there is a 15 minute wait'

15 minute wait at a fast food drive up for a drink are you kidding me? We headed to the gas station to charge our batteries.

This is what happens when you ask some obsessed Twilight fan to take a picture of you with my camera, I guess it is a little high tech for the average person.

Yes another example of the people outside of the store.....

Okay, are we just not the cutest things ever! This is us waiting for everyone to come out, we just 'borrowed' some girls books so we can get our picture, as Michelle promised that we will not run away with them. That is how crazy the night was, someone would have really done that, me being one of them.

I love you Edward! (screaming & squealing)

I had to put this picture in because this was my face like the whole night! Laughing, laughing and laughing with hysteric. And what was I trying to pull off with my costume? I don't know? My hair is like I just woke up, I was going for mysterious, maybe even a little scary, didn't pull it off so well but the idea sounded good in my mind.

This picture says it all! Christy, did you when the worst dressed prize!!! You totally should have. They had people stop them and ask to get pictures with them.

A few random thoughts:
  1. I decided that my favorite thing to do now is to dress up! What can I say I can not resist pretending to be someone entirely different for one night. It is so fun! Bring on the costume parties!
  2. I am entirely no better than the people crying and screaming out of the store with there book held in the air. I was looking at them thinking you have lost it, but then I would think, 'that is me, I would do that' It is hard to see yourself sometimes from the outside looking in!
  3. No I have not read the book! I do not want readers remorse. I know it will be amazing, but the timing has to be perfect for me I guess? Like it is with me blogging tonight?
  4. Do not tell me anything that will ruin the book for me, I will dis-own you as my friend.
  5. I LOVE you EDWARD!!! (screaming & squealing)