Monday, June 30, 2008

Can anyone organize my life?

"How do you organize your life?" I just can not seem to do it, always have not been able to, but more now than ever. I am needing some major time management help, anyone?
I saw this book on Amazon and it made me laugh. I thought of you 'M' who can not find your camera or phone, maybe you don't have a problem with your keys though.
It literally takes me a 1/2 hour of extra time everywhere I go or things that I try to do because I am searching for things that I need to bring and I can not find them. I almost just give up and stay home half of the time.
This is not the only problem, I just can not manage my time. Any suggestions anyone? ANYONE?


Melissa said...

I love that you're not organized either!! I use to have it all together but because the last couple of years have been so crazy things seem to be slowly falling apart! I am constantly forgetting things and don't manage my time well at all! I guess that's what happens as you get older and have more things to worry about. If you figure out the secret to getting organized let me know!

M said...

I KNOW!! Don't I know it.
My solution is to check myself into an Alzheimer's clinic for an evaluation! I need to find the book that it titled that but instead of keys says "camera" or "phone"
Man,this post gave me a good laugh!

P.S. Let's do my hair when I get back later this week.

tatum said...

i blame my kids! i swear i was better at all this before they came along. =)

Marci said...

I blame my kids too. . . and the Alzheimer's that I have so young in life.

When you figure this one out, I could use a lesson in time management. (and I promise you, no one loses their keys more than me)

Jadie, Jaden and Jack said...

Time Management ... whats that?
As for keys, purse, phone, camera etc. I just keep them all in the same place AT ALL TIMES!
I will say this, you are doing an amazing job. You work your guts out (with several jobs), your an amazing Mom to Hayes, and still manage to have lots of fun. You are my inspiration and always will be, Thank you!

Chanda said...

I'm all about one specific place for each thing I need. My purse ALWAYS goes on the hall-bench hook when I come home. Keys goes right on the shelf in the hall, etc. Set up little shelves, bowls, hooks and such and USE them. It takes a little while to get used to it, but it works. I also bought a bunch of $1 rubbermaid storage containers for AJ's toys. Instead of printed labels, I made picture labels so she can see which kind of toys go in which ones. It's great - now she thinks cleaning is a game.

Becca said...

I'm not real organized either. I'm pretty good with my purse and keys, as I always put my keys in my purse and put my purse in the same place every day, but everything else isn't very organized. Most days I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off. If you figure it out, let me know. I could use some tips!

Jadie, Jaden and Jack said...

Where are you? I miss ya!

M said...

Candace you are going to lock me up when you hear this. I lost my phone again! It's not like I'm living in a 5,000 sq. foot house with 20 children and 16 animals...what is my problem????
I'm going to take Chanda's advice and have a basket for my phone & camera, etc. I hope it works!!!!! aughhhhhhhhhhhhh

As for Alias, what the heck? He's the "snow man"?!

Lauri said...

Happy birthday Candace! I hope you have a great day!

Kamille said...

Umm - I know you have a life. Update will ya?

M said...

Hey Oscar the Grouch, could you climb out of your garbage can and taint us all with a new post?