Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monster Spray

So this one kills me. I can just be so sad and think of this and it just makes me smile.

The story is we were at our cousin's house one night and there little guy pulled out a spray bottle that I think was used to correct whining at one time, once he was corrected of his whining it was turned into monster spray.

He pulled it out and was showing Hayes and telling him that it is to spray monsters. We left and Hayes could not believe that there was monster spray, how could I be a mom and not have monster spray? He was just like, 'mom we better get us some monster spray, I wonder where you get it?' 'Do we have enough money for it?' So I was like, 'Hayes, there really are no monsters, we do not need monster spray...'

You never tell a kid that there are no monsters! They will not believe you! So he was like, 'Well, can we get some monster spray just in case?' I finally agreed to it that we would get some just in case, but still tried to convince him that there was no need because there are no monsters.

A few days past and we were saying our prayers one night and it was Hayes turn. This is something of how it went:

"Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day, Please help that we can get some Monster Spray, .... just in case. "

Okay maybe there is Monsters? Because if you do a search on Google for 'monster spray' you will really get a recipe. I am starting to wonder myself if we need some monster spray.


This spray works equally well on monsters and bad dreams. You can spray it as part of the nightly bedtime ritual, and chant, "Monsters, Monsters, stay away." The lavender scent is calming and everyone knows that monsters and bad dreams hate that smell. This spray will save you from lots of tears and terror at bedtime and in the middle of the night.


1 bottle
6-8 ounces water
3-4 drops lavender oil

Let child pick out a"magical" spray bottle.
2 Fill bottle with water.
3 Add essential oil.
4 Shake well.
5 Spray in corners, under beds, in closets, etc.
6 Child may chant"monsters, monsters, stay away" or any other powerful words.
7 Shake before each use


Julie said...

I have 4 kids and I have never owned monster spray...but maybe that's why my kids yell in their sleep so much. I may have to make me some monster spray.

Chanda said...

Cute. I love lavendar. I have been burning lavendar oil in my burner lately. My house smells like a day spa - I love it. Very calming.

Rad countdown for Breaking Dawn! ;)

tatum said...

k, i love that. very cute and fun, hayes is just like cole. we will have to make some monster spray too.

Chelsea said...


That is a really cute idea.
I was just talking to Kami yesterday and we found out that we are reading the same books. So she informed me that you too are reading the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Im on book 2. You gotta love a simple read right?
Cant wait for the movie to come out!
Hope your doing well.

Jadie, Jaden and Jack said...

You are a good Mom, I just tell my kids they can't get up in the night or I would get mad...(you know how I love my sleep at night!) After a few nights of getting up I really started to get mad and the finally stopped! My kids would rather have "Mommy Spray"
Last night was so much fun, that poor waiter, we took his table all night!
Love ya!
P.S. Wear your seatbelt or I'll take you to jail!

Randilee said...

I tried this with my girls once, but Tori still had night terrors one night, so they were convinced that the monsters in their closet aren't afraid of monster spray. Luckily for us, our monsters don't have hands, so all we have to do is close the closet door. Where do they get this stuff!

M said...

I might have to try this for nightmares...John has them all the time and his prayers say "please bless Johno will have NO dreams"
Just in case.

Chelsea said...

Yes. For sure count me in. I was excited when Kam was telling me about it.
Im just starting book 3!

G said...


Love the monster spray. It works like a charm with my kids.

I think about you a lot. I hope you are able to feel some kind of joy in the middle of all of this!

Next week I am going to dinner with a neighbor who has lost her hubby, and another girl who recently lost her hubby. We would love to have you join us, if you are interested. I know my neighbor, but not the other person very well. But we are all in similar boats and I am sure there would be plenty to talk about! Anyway, like I said, we'd love to have you join us, but of course no worries if you aren't interested, or if you feel like it's too soon.

I sure love ya, and pray for you and Hayes every day! It's such a tough road, but it does get better!

If you are interested in going to dinner please email me and I'll give you the details. My email address is gschmidt(@)


Marci said...

You are such a cute mom. I love that you did a search on Monster Spray and found the recipe. Keep us posted on how it works!

Kamille said...

It's true Julie's kids do yell in their sleep. I will have to get some for when they come over. I can't believe you googled for the recipe. That little Hayes is so cute. He can talke a mile a minute. Get ya some spray pronto. You know he won't forget.