Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Memory Lane

Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me/us a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you!


Julie said...

My favorite thing about you is that before we even met we were betrothed by Kamille to be best friends. I heard so many stories about you and she told me that she told you all about me, so when I met you for the first time and we had no cushion from Kamille...I was really nervous. What if you decided that Kamille is up in the night and I am really not as cool as she talked me up to be? Way too much pressure. I felt the awkwardness of a blind date. Well as I have gotten to know you and especially from our last cabin trip...I decided Kamille is right. You are totally cool!! And we should be best!

Corey, Dani & Kaiya said...

lets go with you in my garage pushing the "doorbell" and the garage doors just kept going up and down! oh so funny. or the many times i was over at your house and you were freakin out about the spiders! =) oh i just love ya!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm- so many.
Probably a good one was going to see Fools Gold and the dude in our seats. I still wish i would have given him a piece of my mind!!!

It was also fun when you stopped by my house one night and we discovered that we both loved to read. That has been so rewarding ever since!

Love ya!

Jadie, Jaden and Jack said...

I have so many! I'd have to say, when you first moved to Riverton Elementary. I was at recess playing on the teeter totters. You were so cute with those thick, pink glasses. LMAO
I remember (for some reason) the teacher said "this is Candace" I thought to myself, "like Kansas"
That is a strange memory,
we should have done drugs so young! HaHaHa
I can't believe we have known eachother for almost 20 years, or more? Here's to another 20!!

I love you,

Kamille said...

Hmm....Bubbles for sure. Watching you in awe over the last, well almost, year. The road trip to Idaho where the wind was so damn cold. And all the conversations. No one talks death like you. ;) Oh and Alias. You make a good red head.

tatum said...

the first memory i had of you is when dan got diagnosed with cancer, and although a lot of people knew, they didn't really know what to say. then you called me and i didn't even know you and you somehow made me feel comfortable enough to open up to you and you let me cry on the phone....alot, i have considered you a very good friend since then and i am so glad we are neighbors. your a very kind and sweet person.....okay, and creative too! =)

Krishelle said...

My favorite memory with you would have to be the camping one that you wrote about on my blog. That was hilarious! I also remember when we broke into Magic Waters in the middle of the night with buckets, and went down the slides. Then we went back to my house and like 4 of us tried to sleep in my bed! I miss those days!

Cher said...

Being your "Vent Buddy" and you mine, and all of our long phone conversations. The many times you've taken my kids pictures, and mine (in the freezing snow) :)
And soon....tonight...a new memory at the release party. I can't wait!

Randilee said...

I remember when I was new in the ward and all I knew was that you were the one who wrote the announcements in Relief Society and I decided we were going to be friends.
Then the many times Nicole and I overstayed our welcome during Visiting Teaching visits.
The Bridal Photo shoot. I was in awe of your talents.
When you volunteered Cory to help with Harley training because I called you completely frustrated.Then we sat and talked while Cory trained Harley :)

M said...

Okay my first thought is when Hayes said, "get your shoes on" because he wanted to show you something! We just looked at each other because it sounded just like Cory.
I think our many phone conversations have been amazing.
Man all my Hayes comment memories have me laughing like when you didn't have a bandaid and he said, "I bet Amanda has one"